August update!

General Updates

busy… very busy… a lot of exciting new stuff to talk about!!

first, reminder that I’ll be tabling at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus in Columbus Ohio Sept 28 - Oct 1! it’s FREE TO ATTEND and i’ll be selling some cool merch! SO STOP ON BY!! More info here!

speaking of merch………

Ride or Die News


Did everyone catch the guest comic by Suzanne Geary that went up July 13? Check it out HERE!

Chapter 4 of Ride or Die begins AUGUST 13TH!! GET HYPE!! There’s also now a comment section on the Ride or Die website! leave some comments if you feel so inclined!

To see all new chapter 4 pages, check out this patreon post HERE for just $3!

ALSO the Ride or Die Chapter 1 book is available to pre-order in my shop!

Long Exposure News

Join my patreon for a 15% off discount of shop items until the end of August!

Long Exposure Volume 1 books are FINALLY up in the shop now, which means…

VOLUME 2 IS COMING TO KICKSTARTER SOON! HELL YEAH BABEY (maybe even as soon as … next week?!!)

For Kickstarter reward questions, please email [email protected]!

Patreon News


New NSFW Vucky illustration up on patreon now!

Patrons are getting a special discount for my merch store this month! become a patron ($3+) to get in on that!!

What’s new on social media…

twitter is a shitshow right now, if you haven’t noticed

SO I’M NOW ON BLUESKY!! i’ll continue to update my twitter while I can, but if it hits the fan you can find me a number of different places.

I’m doing another DTIYS to help spread the word for Ride or Die chapter 4’s launch! Valid on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Bluesky. Here’s how to participate:

And here’s a few more things i’ve posted online recently:





In other news…

i now have a little bastard son named Eddy

why small

he’s really good at improving my mental health AND making my room stink like cat litter!

smell ya later ✌🏾

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